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.Table JX is powerful tool for Joomla! users who want to show database table on their Joomla page. Table JX can quickly fetch the data and display data in a form of sortable and searchable grid or table right on your article page. You can display data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL or MySQLi database. The grid or table was designed to be fully customizable, so you can select which table columns you want to show, you change the display names of table columns or even create a filter to show only filtered data in a table. The displayed table is searchable and sortable. Many search options are included and can be set up easily. In a very simple way you can display data page by page, you can quickly access the last or the first page in a table. In the header of the grid or table you can sort data just by clicking on the table column header. There is no limit how many grids or tables you can show on the content page, as far you have enough space. It is very easy to display a grid or table in the content page. You just click on the editor button select prepared table (grid) that you want to display. Table JX is very useful tool if you want to show your business partners real-time data on your joomla's page from your database. Be far ahead of your business competitors and offer immediate access of your prepared data to specific business partners.

Excelent tool if you want to display sortable table with data from your database on your web page!

  • Search engine friendly (SEO)

    On Table JX was made a great effort to be as much "search engine friendly" as possible. This functionality enables that records in a grid or table are indexed by search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... If you have some, let's say, products in a grid or table , search engine finds them easily. This could be a great benefit for your business.

  • Linkable content

    Linkable content enables that you just click on a value in a grid or table and this action opens specific URL or specific joomla Article, Category or even Section.

  • Second order by

    If you are not familiar with SQL or you just don't have time to create a sql view and show it in Table JX grid, you can in admin section with few clicks create a grid or table with data as you wish.

  • Adjustable row height and column width

    Well, really nothing specific to say here. If your data doesn't fit in your page you can adjust these two settings.

  • User's specific data

    Create filter to show user's specific data to the currently logged in user.

  • Multilanguage support

  • Ideal for

    CRM, e-commerce, scientific data, real-time data, competition results, weather reports, database comparison, timetables etc.

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5 years ago
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