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JUX Testimonial is an awesome component which helps you to display all of your clients, partners’ testimonials on your website at different positions with many beautiful styles.

Fully Responsive

JUX Testimonial displays neatly on many devices like Desktop, tablet or mobile screen.

Many Beautiful design

JUX Testimonial offers 10 great designs that match easily with many templates.
List, grid, slide layout are all available in JUX Testimonial and you can choose whatever layout you want just by selecting from option.

Custom options

We bring a large amount of configuration settings that allow you to show/hide different information of your submitter.
Submission form can contain various fields, such as user’s name, job title, location, company, email, avatar, and website - all are there and it up to you to disable or enable each field.

Social network interaction

With JUX Testimonial, you can immediately share best testimonials via 3 most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Highlight Features

  • Responsive on Mobile and Tablet
  • Beautiful design with 5 stars rate system.
  • Easily edit and approve testimonials in the admin panel.
  • Social share integrated
  • Avatar available
  • Job title, company, location, date, website information supported
  • 10 great design for testimonial
  • Creates a testimonial module which allows you to display your testimonials in different position
  • Enable swipe to view next testimonial in slide style on mobile and tablet.
  • CAPTCHA support.
  • Support jQuery no Conflict.
  • Display testimonial nicely and shows testimonial by rows and columns on module.
  • Multiple sliders, multiple setting and multiple transition effects supported.
jux-testimonial-12 jux-testimonial-backend3 jux-testimonial-responsive4 jux-testimonial-social-network5 jux-testimonial-styles6 jux-testimonial-submission-form7
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