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Proforms Advance 365 1.6.2 Build 160
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Joomla forms made easy! Easily create Application forms, Contact forms, Payment forms, Double-Opt-In forms etc.

State of the art forms creator with built in app system.

Pro-Forms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions.

Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.

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Version 1.6.2 Build 160 Created
System Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3 Changed 2018-04-28
Website JED external Developer Mad4Media external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 5 EUR


  • Display records of forms at the frontend by the Display App
  • Responsive forms since version 1.5
  • Most easy to use forms component
  • Modular forms creation (form templates) with layout system
  • Forms can be made out of multiple form templates
  • Built in App System!
  • Database support with excellent forms records manager
  • Export of db records in CSV and Excel format
  • Forms using Double-Opt-In which complies to the law.
  • Mass email manger
  • Secure - 5 Captchas inluding reCaptcha, Spamtraps, sending time review.
  • PayPal forwarding( Calculations in the forms can be done if you are experienced in JavaScript )
  • Custom HTML between form fields
  • AJAX and server side forms validation.
  • Embedding custom code (HTML/JS) at the end of forms and thank you text.
  • Editing the CSS at the backend.
  • Easy backup function
  • Forms can be wrapped into fieldsets with legends
  • Using form categories
  • JS Framework for comparison validation e.g. for password confirmation

Plugins for Pro-Forms:

  • Easy multi language plugin
  • Form in content
  • Form search
  • Admin Access Control (simple)

Modules for Pro-Forms:

  • Form in iFrame module
  • Form listing
  • Drop selection

Standard Apps for Pro-Forms:

  • Scroll down to confirm reading
  • PHP scripts per form
  • Executable SQL statements per form
  • Extra Mail and Extra Mail Plus.

Additional Apps (most popular):

  • Frontend Display (Demo links see above)
  • AJAX User Registration
  • Destination (User selects recipient)
  • Preview (Summary)
  • Unique-ID per form (Ticket Code)
  • Custom CSS file per form
  • Modify Emails per form
  • Bad Words per form
  • Param Takeover App
  • Password App (forms can be secured by a password)
  • ...altogether 18 additional apps!
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