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Create backups with Easy Joomla Backup - Files and database dump as a ZIP archive

Easy Joomla Backup simplifies safeguarding your website by creating comprehensive, no-fuss backups. It compiles all files and a full database dump into a single zip archive, providing an all-in-one package that can fully restore your website if needed.

Coded with user-friendly management in mind, the backups are stored in a specially dedicated folder inaccessible from the outside. The storage component is deliberately streamlined to focus on the crucial task - backing up your Joomla! website.

The backup overview provides a comprehensive list of all backup instances and the option to download any specific backup. Available actions in the top bar include Full Backup, Database Backup, File Backup, Discover, Delete, and Options for further customisation.

Easy Joomla Backup is designed to be swift and resource-efficient in the zip process. It intelligently adjusts relevant settings to avert timeouts on larger sites. However, on certain occasions, if your hosting company imposes strict resource limitations or restricts the execution of lengthy processes, you may encounter issues while creating backups for extensive sites. To mitigate such situations, consider excluding files or folders that don't require frequent backup (e.g., the images folder) or contact your hosting company to extend the available resources.

The component is based on my standalone script Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Backup Script, for which a good article with basic tips exists (in German only): Backups in Joomla! erstellen

Every administrator should regularly create backups to have the possibility to restore the working state in case of problems. Before any significant changes (install updates or new extensions) the creation of a backup is absolutely essential!


  • Create quickly and easily backups in Joomla!
  • Dynamic, Ajax-powered backup process
  • Automatic restoration - Easy Joomla Backup Pro Restore script (PRO)
  • Dropbox Upload - Uploads archives with one click into Dropbox (PRO)
  • Manual restoration - files via FTP, database dump via a database tool, e.g. phpMyAdmin
  • The extension creates Backups of all files and the database
  • Three different backup types: Full, Database and File Backup
  • All files and a database dump are packed into one ZIP archive
  • Extended ACL settings: Configure, Access Administration Interface, Delete, Download, Full Backup, Database Backup, File Backup, Discover
  • Indicator of the backup progress in per cent in the tab/window title
  • Exclude files from the backup archive
  • Exclude folders from the backup archive
  • Add 'DROP TABLE' order to the dump file
  • Add additional tables from the database
  • System Plugin: EJB Cronjob
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