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Ajax Contact Form in modal window

Features of the free version

  1. The form is displayed in a modal window.
  2. Placing multiple modules on one page.
  3. Selection of the form ( "Ask" or "Callback").
  4. Validation of form fields.
  5. The module is formed by AJAX technology (data sending occurs without reloading the page).

The possibility of the paid version

  1. Ability to customize the registration form.
  2. Ability to create additional fields in the module settings.
  3. Поддержка Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3, Fancybox 
  4. Two units display options: in expanded form in a modal window.
  5. Ability to send SMS notifications using SMS.RU service (in the version of 03.03.2017g.)
ajax-contact-form-12 ajax-contact-form-23
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