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Easy Chat Room is a simple Joomla component and fully integrated business solution for bringing employees from around the globe or around the room together in a single room. Our goal is effective team discussions that simplify business chats by consolidating and simplifying the process of online meetings. No special software. No third party websites or data storages. No limits on rooms, chats, files, etc…

LOCKED ROOMS control access to information

  • Locked rooms allow you to talk “off-the-record” with people that are in your room.
  • You can also set a key to a room so only those people that have the key can enter.
  • It’s simple to setup and extremely easy to use.

FILES & STARS stay organized.

  • Ever lose something in your email or IM history? With Easy Chat Room all your files are easy to find within a room.
  • Not only do you have a list of all files in every room but you can star items for future reference.
  • All stored transcripts quickly show files and starred items and are fully searchable.

CLIENT ACCESS get the client involved.

  • Sometimes it helps to get the client’s feedback. Easy Chat Room lets you toggle guest access.
  • Guests don’t have to login, simply provide a name, and they can join the room.
  • Guests won’t see anything discussed or files added before they joined.
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