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Fake Random Count Up 1.5
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Random Count is a module that shows a fictitious but yet highly credible counter on Joomla 3 sites. The module configuration supports pseudo-random increasing or descreasing patterns of up to 32 elements, each element holding the delay (in seconds.miliseconds) before next increment and the increment value (delta). Each module instance can be configured individually even if displayed on the same page.

Views 1,599 Downloads 3
Version 1.5 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2017-02-04
Website JED Developer Alex Polonski
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 6.90 € EUR

The counter values are always consistent, doesn't matter when you open the page or resume your computer / handheld from suspend state - the counter will show same values on all computers, as if they were requested from server.

Minimum and maximum counter values can optionally be set. Even if minimum value is not set, counter will never display negative values.

Counter markup can be customized via module options. A currency symbol can be prepended/appended to the counter. The counter can be also embedded into custom HTML.

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Fake Random Count Up 1.5
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