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MultiCategories App for DJ-Classifieds 3.7.8
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Multicategories app lets your users add one advert to unlimited number of additional categories so one advert will be visible and searchable in more than one category.

With this application you're no more limited to one category for and advert. Administrator is able to set the maximum amount of categories one advert can be added to.

When adding the advert user will see exactly same form as usual with option to choose the main category as it is now + additional new button will appear below: “Add to another category”. When this button is clicked the similiar select list with another category to choose will appear.

Each chosen category will display all the extra fields assigned to the category. So in one submission form user will see all the possible extra fields from all selected categories to be filled.

It's also possible to edit every item (advert) in the backend by administrator and assign it to more than one category (without any limits).

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