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Ghost Ads App for DJ-Classifieds 3.8.1
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This simple app lets you keep the adverts even when they are being deleted by the user.

The regular feature in DJ-Classifieds would let you either display 404 error or redirect to adverts list or home page.

In some cases, it may be a good choice to leave the content of the ad available for search engines and your users in the light version. This is a great way to improve SEO by not getting rid of the items that may be a good traffic source for your website.

Once the advert is deleted by the user the core information about the advert is being displayed under the same URL the active advert was originally published on. The pictures are being deleted during deletion of the ad, but all core data are being kept as an HTML information.

The “Ghost Ad” also gets the special badge and the information about the status of this advert so it is clear to visitors that this offer is no longer active.

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