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Paper Shape is a complete project management tool for Joomla that helps you plan, do and review your work and projects to increase your productivity.

  • Automatic and manual modes for time tracking
  • Keep track of projects, tasks and logs
  • Project and task assignments, estimations and priorities
  • Complete reports ready to export as CSV
  • Graphic reports with Content Statistics
  • Project invoices and expenses with Invoice Manager and Expense Manager

The basic features provided by Paper Shape

Front-End (what your clients will see)

  • Users can see their project's progress
  • Users can see the tasks in their projects
  • Users can see which tasks are completed and which not
  • You can set which information is visible for the users and which not

Back-End (what you, the site admin and managers will see)

  • Create projects and tasks
  • Track the time you spend on each task and project, manually or in automatic mode
  • Add your teammates to projects to work together
  • Assign teammates to tasks
  • Set task priorities
  • Keep due dates in mind
  • Mark tasks as completed
  • Filter tasks
  • See and filter reports of your projects
  • Export reports as CSV
  • Create notes for the projects
  • Track the monetary cost of each task and project with task categories

And also...

  • Add beautiful and informative charts with Content Statistics
  • Create one-click invoices for your clients with Invoice Manager
  • Create expenses for your projects with Expense Manager
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3 years ago
The plugin: system - Papershape is not included in this download. Needs an update ASAP
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Joomla! Share
Joomla! Share
3 years ago
Hi, there is not any plugin. just one component
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