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MyPortal is a project management and collaboration tool. You will manage your client projects, tickets or files in a single place, accessible any time and anywhere. Collaborate and communicate by creating new projects, assign tasks, post messages, attach files or approve new client project requests.

Collaboration tool, file repository and ticket system

With MyPortal you get all three. You and your team can create new projects, manage client tickets, share files with clients and much more.

Team/client projects

Both your team members and your clients can open a new project.

Simple file repository

All folders and files created inside the file repository are available to all your staff members. Your staff members can share with a user at any time any of the folders.

Smart ticket system

Any of your staff members can reply to a ticket open by a client. Only a single staff member can close the ticket.

Customized permissions for each member

You can set different permissions for different actions for each of your members.

Integrated notifications

For most of the available events (new project, task, comment, etc), MyPortal has the option to notify via email all participants at the event.

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