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Projectfork is a suite of Project Management components & extensions which are fully configurable to meet your business needs. Projectfork is widely used by small businesses, governmental institutions, political parties and non-profit organizations (including Joomla).

Project Management Features

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Time sensitive Milestones
  • Tasks and Task Lists
  • Lightweight Forum
  • File Repository & Attachments
  • Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Comments on Projects, Milestones, Tasks & more
  • Native Joomla ACL & Groups
  • Configurable Email Notifications & Subscriptions

Intelligent Design
Projectfork consists of many extensions working together; but the streamlined interface will make you feel right at home as if you're using a regular, single component. Installing and uninstalling Projectfork is as simple as with any extension: A single package to install, and a single extension to remove from your site.

User Experience First
Projectfork looks and behaves like your average Joomla 3 extension for the most part so you can it pick up naturally. If you ever get stuck, we provide plenty of comprehensible documentation on our website.

Developer Friendly
Projectfork uses a Joomla-native code approach wherever possible and is written "by the book" and best code practices. There is no custom theme engine, no Zend or other framework - just pure Joomla MVC architecture. Looking to hire a developer to make some modifications? No need to find a "Projectfork specialist"!

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7 years ago
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