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the most flexible, customisable, modular, open-source Project Management extension for Joomla!


ProjectSpoon's dashboard comes with 5 preconfigured module positions that can be used to display metrics for a project's overall performance and progress, or highlight particular problems that require further attention.

The perfect way to monitor the success of all your projects and campaigns.


ProjectSpoon does not impose any restrictions!

You have the freedom to create as many projects as you like. You can assign unlimited number of project members and collaborators. You are in total control!


Mark specific points along a project timeline with ProjectSpoon's milestones.

Use milestones to segment your project schedules into intervals to provide you with early indication of schedule problems and a better view into the activities whose completion is critical.


For all the things that need to get done.

Set task assignees, define task dependencies, set task priorities and so much more!


Resource scheduling, availability and optimisation are considered key to successful project management.

ProjectSpoon's assignee component lets you define resource hourly rates and availability.

Time Tracking

Measure your project profitability with ProjectSpoon Time Tracking!

Track how many hours are spent on billable and non-billable work, allow project members to self-monitor their own productivity, forecast time and costs for future projects and even justify time to your clients.


Peer evaluation and feedback with ProjectSpoon Comments!

Comments allow project members to communicate with each other, share their ideas, provide feedback, discuss about what they are doing and ultimately, work towards the betterment of a project.

* Comments coming in version 1.0.0.RC3


Keep track of recent project developments and stay informed with ProjectSpoon notifications.

Whether it be updates to tasks, new milestones or feedback from teammates, you'll receive the information you care about the most. The end result will be increased efficiency and more completed tasks.

* Notications coming in version 1.0.0.RC3

Document Repository*

Documents, video clips, graphics, spreadsheets, reports—the average project entails hundreds of different files, often on dozens of different computers. With ProjectSpoon's Document Repository, every file is centrally stored and organized, so every team member is always informed.

What's more, the Pro version provides integration with Google Docs and Dropbox.

* Document Repository coming in version 1.0.0.RC2. Google Docs and Dropbox integration will only be available to PRO Subscribers.

Permissions & Custom Fields

ProjectSpoon takes full advantage of Joomla's ACL enabling you to set advanced permission configurations for all your Projects.
Allow access to Projects based on Joomla groups, or even at an individual user level.

ProjectSpoon also takes advantage of Joomla's custom fields enabling you to capture information most relevant to your project needs.

WebServices and REST API*

ProjectSpoon's Webservices is a set of extensible and pluggable REST APIs exposing ProjectSpoon features and capabilities to smartphone and mobile apps.

* only available to PRO Subscribers as of version 1.0.0.RC3.

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