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Bootstrap Joomla Event Calendar - With responsive layout and ease of use, it seamless integrates with your Joomla Templates.

Mobile Friendly- Fully ResponsiveJtag Calendar Bootstrap  is the events calendar for Joomla. It can be used to schedule events for your Joomla website.Here's what you can do using JTAG Calendar
Set up, Manage, Export, Import Events

  • Schedule events - one-time or recurring(repetitive) events
  • Mark events as All-Day
  • Specify start / end time for events along with the location of the venue
  • Send out invites to all your registered or non-registered users for an event
  • View all invited users to each event from main Joomla calendar
  • Set up events from the Joomla Administration Panel or via your website's front-end
  • Allow users to comment on events
  • Export calendar events via ICal or into a pdf
  • Import your iCal calendar files into JTAG Calendar
  • Set up Group Events.Create events visible to a particular set of user (part of a group).An event can be assigned to a single group or can be public.

Event Location

  • Turn on Google Maps for the event venue so that your meeting participants can find the location easily (this feature can be disabled too)
  • The location of an event defaults (automatically) to your current location
  • Google map integration in an interactive tool tip

Stay Organized

  • Set up multiple calendars on your one single calendar extension so you can segregate or categorize different types of events. Assign custom colors to each calendar to represent calendars for different departments/resource/ etc.
  • Display different calendars on different menu items by providing the calendar id while creating a menu item.
  • Display one master calendar which contains all the calendars
  • Set user permissions ( add, edit, view only or delete events )
  • Add a "More Info" link to point users to more details about an event
  • An "Upcoming Events" Widget that displays all future events
  • Restrict the number of attendees - to limit the number of participants
  • An "Jtag MiniCalendar" Module that displays all  events for selected month
jtag-bootstrap-calendar-day2 jtag-bootstrap-calendar-list3 jtag-bootstrap-calendar-month4 jtag-bootstrap-calendar-week5
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