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Match Generator add-on for JoomSport 5.5.0
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Now, when spring starts in the north and Australia meets autumn, comes a truly busy period for national sport leagues worldwide since many of them start their seasons in 2016. And, whatever is the tournament you’d like to start building online, you will likely find this task pretty embarrassing and awkward.

For example, the Australian Football League season, starting in March usually, consisted of 206 games in 2015, including 23 rounds and 18 final matches. Or, the 2015 Major League Soccer season took 340 matches to figure out the winner. So, it really doesn’t seem to be an easy walk to create manually that overwhelming number of matches, different match days, and seasons on you web site.

But, if you utilize the JoomSport extension you can take advantage of the JoomSport Match Generator add-on recently released and cataloged in our store.

The add-on allows streamlining the process above and enables you to generate matches in several clicks. This functionality saves tons of your time and keeps you from manual mistakes.

JoomSport Match Generator Features

  • Generates matchdays and matches automatically;
  • Supports Group, Knockout, and Double elimination matchday types;
  • Fully integrated into JoomSport;
  • Provides simple and intuitive configuration.

Future Development Roadmap

After collecting our first customers' reviews we decided to further enhance the product. First of all the improved sorting function will be added so it becomes easier to sort teams during the Matches generation process. Also, it is planned to develop the ability to generate matches of a selected Season Group only. The changes above will be delivered within the next JoomSport major release scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.

Add-on Installation

During the installation process you need to fulfill two actions. For a start, you should follow the BE -> Components -> JoomSport -> Add-ons path, choose the Match Generator add-on file and press the Install button.

Next, you need to publish the add-on to activate its functionality that completes the installation process.

Matches Generating Process

JoomSport Match Generator doesn’t require any individual configuration, since the settings are logically introduced throughout the match generating process.

The process starts with the Generate Matches button (BE -> Components -> JoomSports -> MatchDay) located in the MatchDay List section. It activates the Generate Matches functionality area, where you need to choose the season from the Season drop-down selector, specify the matchday type, and provide its name.

Note: To generate matches JoomSport Match Generator uses the Round-robin (or all-play-all) tournament algorithm.

Generating Group Matchdays

If you select the Group matchday type, the next step is to determine the number of rounds, set the order of players/teams and then press the Generate Matches button.  As a result, in the matchday section you are getting newly generated seriated matchdays with matches inside.

Generating Knockout or Double Elimination Matchdays

If you choose the Knockout or Double Elimination matchday types, you will additionally need to specify participating teams, select the format of competition and press the Generate Knockout button.
That is all you need to get either a list with dozens of matchdays or a fully editable knockout or double elimination tree.


As you can see, the JoomSport Match Generator Add-on is absolutely indispensable in the beginning of a new season and extremely handy for small pre-season competitions.
The Match generator add-on documentation is available. You can purchase it from the JoomSport add-ons category in our store.

Enjoy the simplicity!

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