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Payment module Yandex.Money + Yandex.Card + Yandex.Cash for JoomShopping 4.7
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Yandex.Money payment plugin - designed to pay for goods in an online store based on the JoomShopping component for CMS Joomla.

Acceptance of payments for goods or services is limited only by the capabilities of the Yandex system .
This plugin supports 3 types of payment acceptance:

  • through the Yandex.Money service, when the buyer pays from his Yandex.Money account, and the funds are transferred to your Yandex.Money account,
  • through the Yandex.Map service, when the buyer pays from any Visa / Mastercard, and the funds are transferred to your Yandex.Money account,
  • as well as the payment method of Yandex.Cash, which works with legal entities and ensures the receipt of funds immediately to the store’s account in a bank.

To start accepting payments via Yandex.Money, you do not need to have a legal entity and enter into an agreement with Yandex.
To work with Yandex.Kassa , you need to familiarize yourself with the conditions and register as a legal entity in the Yandex.Kassa service. Pay attention to the condition that Yandex.Kassa only works via the https protocol i.e. Requires an SSL certificate (self-sufficient). Specify other conditions with the manager of Yandex.Cash.

This plugin interacts with the Yandex.Money and Yandex.Kassa services through the Yandex API and provides direct transfers from the buyer's wallet to the seller’s wallet / account. When making a payment through this plugin, an order is formed in the store, the fact of payment is recorded. If the payment is successful and the money has been credited to the seller’s account, the order acquires the status “Paid” automatically.

This plugin provides currency conversion at the internal JoomShopping rate. Those. You can set prices for goods in Euros, display them in dollars. USA, and payment will be made in rubles at the rate of JoomShopping to Yandex.Money account or bank account through Yandex.Cash. Please note that during the payment of Yandex.Money (P2P), the buyer will need to provide the ability to access their wallet through the Yandex API.
In any other circumstances, the permission granted remains valid until the wallet owner cancels it.
This plugin provides the cancellation of permission immediately after payment . Those. the permission granted is automatically canceled after the payment is made.

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