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OneStepCheckout PRO (JoomShopping 4.2+) 4.6
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The narrowest place in any store, as real and virtual, is cash desk.
Place where the customer can pay for all the goods that he deliberately or through special events seller unconsciously put in a basket.

Cash desk or checkout place, this is the place where the customer is bored and nervous, and also a place where customer expectations may overestimate contents of the basket and put something he put there under the influence of fleeting desires.

In the virtual store the same effect checkout (based on checkout). He simplified a bit in terms of the lack of expectations, but on the other hand is complicated by the need for more long and routine filling the fields and step by step instructions.
Any client has the desire to buy as easy as possible and will, ideally 1 click.

This extension is a response to the desire of your customers.
We created it with the many aspects that arise when using a simplified version of the previous.

Features of version PRO:

  • the use of custom templates
  • opportunity to change the algorithm design : payment/delivery or delivery/payment
  • flexibility of options for conversion at the address in the fields AJAX
  • use built-in plugins delivery and payment JoomShopping
  • opportunity to skip the step of "cart" (just go to checkout)
  • change baskets right in checkout page
  • possibility to set the order of address fields
  • registration with the ability to multi-format automatic generation of a login and password
  • opportunity quiet (hidden) registration.
  • accounting package for each additional delivery method
  • opportunity to display additional information about ordering on the page " Thank you for order"
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