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JA ACM module (JoomlArt Advanced Custom module) is to help you build content blocks for your Joomla site easily based on pre-made layouts and styles. The content blocks together will build a landing page or a complete site for you.

  • 12+ block types: At this phase, we round up typical blocks that Uber has to offer. Each block type comes with multiple styles.
  • Easy editing & defining your page-specific field sets within each block. Each block has its own LESS file, so you have full control to define your own class and style.
  • Content-creator-friendly: completely separate content & design. No longer mixing HTML syntax embedded inside article.
  • Allow us to dig deeper into the modular block approach which eases our page management effort.
ja-acm-category-style2 ja-acm-event-listing-front3 ja-acm-featured-news-style4 ja-acm-feature-event5 ja-acm-sample-data6 ja-acm-setting7
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