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Klixo Watermark for K2 1.2.8
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Klixo Watermark for K2 is an extended version of Klixo Watermark plugin, it is designed to work with K2 component, Joomla articles and SIG (Simple Image Gallery, free and pro version)

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Version 1.2.8 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2018-04-06
Website JED Developer Jeff Thier
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 10 € EUR

The plugin automatically replaces the original images by a watermarked version before the page is served to the client browser. Klixo Watermark plugin for K2 is non destructive, all original images are preserved unaltered and can be reused at any time by simply unpublishing the plugin.

Watermark K2 content and Joomla articles

K2 items
- K2 item image
- Images inserted in the content of K2 items
- Images inserted with K2 Simple Image Gallery plugin

It is also possible to filter K2 categories and apply the watermark to K2 items image only for selected K2 categories.

Joomla articles
- Place watermarks on articles content images
- Place watermarks on articles Intro image
- Place watermarks on Full article image

Klixo Watermark for K2 is compatible with popular Lightbox plugins, such as JCE MediaBox, Rokbox, mAvik Thumbnails etc.

Simple Image Gallery (SIG) Free and Pro

  • Watermark thumbnails and full size images in Simple Image Gallery, Free and Pro* versions. Note about SIG Pro: The plugin is developed and tested with Simple Image Gallery Pro v3. Compatibility with older versions of SIG Pro has not been tested and cannot be guaranteed.

Powerful functionality

CSS filter function
Apply watermarks only to specified image classes. You can specify one or several classes in the settings to filter which K2 or Joomla articles images the plugin should process.
Compatible with JPEG, PNG, GIF and 24 bits BMP images.

Selectable output format for watermarked images
The plugin includes several options for image format.
- Save images in their original format.
- Save all watermarked images in PNG format
- Save all watermarked images in JPEG format

You can also adjust compression level for Jpeg images from the plugin settings, to optimize quality and file size.

Image and text watermarks

Image watermark
Upload any png or jpeg image to use as a watermark
Adjust size in pixels or percentage of the target image
Select position
Adjust opacity
Adjust rotation angle

Text watermark
Type any custom text
Select the text font
Adjust font color
Adjust text opacity
Adjust font size in points or as a percentage of the target image size
Orient and position the text on the watermarked images.

Klixo watermark for K2 can even apply text and image watermarks simultaneously on the images.

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Joomla 2.5 & 3
Klixo Watermark for K2 1.2.28
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