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Display and manage data from any MySQL database, build Joomla reports and data tables easily and with huge list of features using ChronoConnecivity.

ChronoConnectivity is a raw CCK (Content constructions kit) for Joomla, it helps you list and manage (delete/update) the data in any of your database tables, with full permissions support, and full integration with Chronoforms.

Some of latest release features:

  • Read, save and delete database tables data, connect multiple tables together.
  • Build listing tables or custom lists.
  • Your lists may include search, sorting and pagination.
  • build web forms, all forms elements are available and Google NoCaptcha widget is available for spam prevention.
  • upload and download files.
  • Export to CSV and send data to other servers using cURL or send emails.
  • PayPal payments and IPN support.
  • multi language support.
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