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CjBlog is a powerful blogging extension with social touch. CjBlog is not just a blog but a complete social blogging platform. Why to reinvent the whole wheel? CjBlog uses Joomla articles to properly present your user's blogs with social touch.

Key Features:

  1. Stores articles as standard Joomla articles, if you don't like the extension, simply uninstall it. You will not loose any article or don't need any other migrations.

  2. User Avatar & Profile System: Built-in user avatar system to complement your users profiles. Already integrated with CjForum, Community Polls, Community Answers, Community Quiz, Crosswords, Community Quotes and Kunena.

  3. Badges System: Give badges to your users based on the number of articles they submit, the number of hits their articles get etc. Not just the articles, CjBlog powerful API lets other extensions to use the badges system. So extend the badges system to your entire site functionality. Plugins for Kunena and Community Answers are provided, more coming soon.

  4. Points system: Reward users with built-in points system. All coupled with user profiles.

  5. Article Ratings: Adds star rating to your existing Joomla articles.

  6. Favorites: Users can add articles to favorites for later viewing.

  7. Beautiful category listing page: Have hundreds of article categories but don't know how to display them properly? CjBlog has built-in page to properly display your categories.

  8. Social sharing

  9. Tagging System: Allows you to tag articles and search, organize all articles with powerful tagging system.

Plugins provided in the package:

  • CjBlog Component
  • CjBlog Bloggers module
  • CjBlog Profile Plugin for Articles
  • CjBlog Profile Plugin for Badges
  • CjBlog Content Plugin
  • CjBlog Users Plugin
  • CjBlog Kunena Plugin
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