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AJAX Recommend 3.6
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AJAX Recommend is a module for the World Award Wining CMS Joomla!™that allows visitors to recommend your site to their friends by e-mail.

Using AJAX technology, the whole process is performed without need for page refresh, making it very quick and user friendly.

The only people who know what a person likes as much as that person are their friends and family. And so allowing your visitors to send their friends and family an email with a link to a page on your site is like having a volunteer army of your own personal evangelists combing through the populations of the world to find exactly the right people who should know about you.

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Version 3.6 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2020-11-24
Website JED external Developer Ideal Extensions external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 17 € EUR


  • AJAX Recommend is powered by jQuery, a Javascript Library, which is needed for the ajax functionality and for the form validation. jQuery is the same library that Joomla uses, therefore there is no need to include a lot of files and the result is a very light weight module.
  • Captcha verification system is powered by SecurImage Captcha plugin, which is a bonus and it is installed automatically with the module;
  • If the user is logged in this script will get the name and email recorded in database, preventing the user to mistype his email;
  • The site administrator can choose to receive a copy of the email;
  • It will display the user's IP Address, Browser, Operating System and Screen resolution in the email sent to the site Administrator;
  • Fast, secure and reliable;
  • Compatible with PHP 5 & 7;
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