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SJ Mega K2 Items II 3.1.0
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SJ Mega K2 Items II supports for K2 Component which allows you to show items with categories on the frontpage as table. For normal items, you can see the image and the description via tooltip. Also, you can close categories which you are not interested.

SJ Mega K2 Items II supports two levels for user choice: section level and category level. The module helps you show items with formattings like as: news or products with prices. In the module of us, you can use for both of above formattings. We created 4 themes for showing items follow category. You can use the theme which you like for your ideas.

Let's get SJ Mega K2 Items II right now and experience with distinct things which the module can bring for your site.


  1. Support Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
  2. Support all browsers (IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  3. Fully Responsive
  4. Allow users to set the number of columns for devices which have different screen width
  5. Support choosing which categories to be shown
  6. Sort items displayed by most popular, highest rate, latest modified, random...
  7. Allow to show featured items
  8. Support Multi-Module on the same page
  9. Allow to set total items per category can be shown
  10. Allow to set opened links in: New Window/Same Window/Popup
  11. Support changing title max chars, subcategory title maxlength and showing list subcategory or not
  12. Allow to show custom information: title, description, date, readmore, link, the number of comments, read...
  13. Allow to choose image source
  14. Allow to change width, height, background... of the main image
  15. Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
  16. Support caching to make your website loads faster
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Joomla 1.5
SJ Mega K2 Items II 1.0.0
Joomla 2.5
SJ Mega K2 Items II 3.0.0
Joomla 3
SJ Mega K2 Items II 3.1.0