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BF SEO 1.5.1
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SEO is important if you want your Joomla website to rank high in Google, and be noticed in a positive way so that potential customers will click to view your site. There is no single SEO trick that is going to make your site rank well, good SEO is a combination of lots of little bits and pieces that go together to make your site appeal to both search engines and your potential customers. This is why we have created BF SEO, a tool that will help you with getting all the basics right on your Joomla website.

The built in SEO capabilities of Joomla 3 are quite good, but it can be a time consuming process getting it all right, for example if you wanted to edit the meta tile and description for your menus, you would need to open up each one individually, go to the Page Display tab to edit the Browser Page Title, then go to the Metadata tab to update the Meta Description, then save and close, and repeat for each menu item. BF SEO can save you heaps of time by giving you all these fields on a single screen, and allow you to quickly update all your meta data in one go.

What you will really love is the fact that it places the data in the core Joomla tables directly and does not hold the data in the extension, so this really is a speedy centralisation of SEO tasks.

With BF SEO you can:

  • Generate Meta Tags automatically (articles). Our software is smarter than most meta generators which just pick the first part of the text, ours actually analyses the keywords used and selects the most appropriate text. Of course you can still manually edit if required.
  • Change meta tags (title & description) on single page for menus, articles and categories.
  • Support for K2 articles and categories
  • Check for duplicate meta data
  • Audit your Joomla SEO configuration and recommend changes
  • -Page Check Tool. Check any internal or external pageRobots.txt Tool. Check to make sure your site has a Robots.txt file, and create one if needed. Make sure changes since Joomla 3.3 have been applied. Integrated editor so you can make changes as needed.
  • .htaccess Tool. Check to make sure your site has a .htaccess file, and create one if needed. View the contents of your .htaccess file
  • Sitemap Tool. Check if your site has a sitemap.xml, and create one if needed. Dynamically builds sitemap based on your menu selection.
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