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Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google+, etc. are ideal showcases for your content.
But how do they determine what text and images to show when somebody shares your content?

Time to take control again over how your content looks on Social Media Platforms!

Facebook introduced the Open Graph Protocol. With this protocol meta-tags are added in your blog / article source code. These meta-tags tell Facebook what the article is about, which image to use, which url, who is the author, etc. This information is then used to display your article on the Facebook platform.
Linkedin, Google+ have adopted this protocol as well. Twitter introduced its own 'protocol': TwitterCards.

This content plugin helps you make the most of your content on these Social Media platforms by automatically implementing the OpenGraph protocol and TwitterCards into your Joomla! articles, K2 Items, Easyblog Entry pages, FocalPoint Location maps, ochGotNews items and (new in version 0.3.2) YooTheme Zoo blogs / pages!

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1 year ago
Please update to ochOpenGraph 1.8.1
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