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Listbingo is one of the most powerful Joomla classified extensions ever. Listbingo 3.10, as a Joomla classifieds component, is compatible with Joomla 3.x. Listbingo was first introduced in 2010, and since then it has undergone several revisions using users’ feedback as guidelines. You can now download Listbingo 3.1.0 and experience the most rewarding classified web application ever.

Listbingo 3.1.0 is highly customizable, scalable and flexible. Yet, it is light enough not to affect your site’s performance, thanks to the optimized SQL codes. In order to get your site up and ready for business - Listbingo incorporates several FREE add-ons and modules that come intact with the downloaded zip, which help you accomplish essential site functions. You can use Listbingo Joomla classified template to build the most comprehensive classifieds site, you may think of.

We have developed Listbingo, Joomla classified component, so that it is easy for everyone to use it. Do not be afraid with its comprehensive nature, we are sure that you will love its simplicity and efficiency. Moreover, we have prepared up to date documentations to help you.

We have added the following features to Listbingo in this release:

  • Multiple Categories – Site users can post an ad to multiple categories, to increase the visibility of their ads.
  • Related Categories - It lets the items posted in a certain category be displayed in the search results of other related categories.
  • Guest posting- Now new site users, in hurry, do not need to register for posting an ad, they can simply use their email addresses.
  • Template Preview – The effects of changing parameters in templates can be viewed using Preview button. Preview button is available on the post form as well as in widget section at the backend.
  • Multilingual– By using Falang, a Joomla! Extension, you can present your site in multiple languages. The Listbingo site will show language selectors at the frontend and Falang plugin retrieves the data from the database of the selected language.

You can extend your Listbingo by using addons. There are several add-ons, which you can use as per your needs. Currently available addons for Listbingo 3.1.0 are:

  • JomSocial addon and plugin: Integrates JomSocial Joomla component to Listbingo.
  • Listbingo importer: Migrates data from Excel File to Listbingo SQL database.
  • Community builder: Integrates community builder with Listbingo
  • JComments: Enables users to interact among themselves about a posted ad in Listbingo site
  • Currency Converter: Allows currency conversions
  • Deal : Lets ad items be posted in reduced price for promotion purposes.
  • Video: Lets videos be uploaded to ads
  • Compare: Makes comparison between ads simpler.
  • Rating and Review: Allows buyers to rate and review ads and ad owner.
  • Payfast: Integrates Payfast as a payment gateway in Listbingo site.
  • Wishlist: Lets ad items be placed for future preferences.
  • Authorize .net AIM addon: Integrates Authorize.net as a payment gateway.
  • RSS: lets you know about the latest happenings to your site.
  • Google AdSense: Enables you to show ads in your Listbingo site and earn money.
  • Radius Search: Allows you to search of items within a certain radial distance.
  • Badge: Provides special status to ads.
  • Offline Payment: lets admin use offline payment as a payment gateway.
  • Package: Lets users buy in bulk the authority to post ads on a discounted rate.
  • Cart: Generates invoice and help users make transaction.
  • Map: Provides visual representation of an area and directions to the location from the users address.
  • Date view: Lets you sort ad from the front end according to their posted dates.
  • Grid: Lists your ads in tiled grid form.
  • Nivo Gallery: Makes image viewing simple and pleasurable.

Other Outstanding Features of Listbingo 3.1.0

  • Responsive design
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Image and page caching
  • Drag and drop widgets
  • installable extra fields
  • category based template
  • Automated mail templates
  • ad types and conditions
  • Powerful search
  • image management
  • multiple ad posting schemes
  • Flag
  • bad words/email filters
  • spam protection using Captcha
  • Private messaging system
  • Profile management
  • Gravatar support
  • templates
  • Quick start (Joomla and Listbingo installation at once)

Listbingo is one of the most powerful Joomla classified extensions.As a Joomla classifieds component,is compatible with Joomla 3.x with best templates

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