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Start generating serious revenue with this powerful powerful and scalable advertising solution!

SocialAds is an extremely powerful and scalable advertising solution which brings the best innovations in online advertising to the Joomla World. Leading Advertising systems like Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads as well various Ad networks have been researched while designing SocialAds.

With SocialAds, you can be setup in minutes ! With a super intuitive Ad Designer, flexible targeting options and quick checkout flow ensures that your Advertisers have the best experience of banner ads and actually enjoy advertising on your site.

SocialAds goes beyond Social by giving you all features of a full fledge ad management system and includes innovations like AdsinEmail and targeted remote ads.
SocialAds has the following Features:

  1. Multiple Targeting Options and Untargeted Ads
  2. Contextual Or Keyword Targeting
  3. Geo Targeting
  4. Social Targeting
  5. Targeting Plugins
  6. Maximised Advertising Real Estate
  7. Ads In Email
  8. Our Super Sexy and intuitive Ad Designer
  9. Ads are Responsive
  10. Variety of Options for your ad content
    • Text Ads
    • Image/Banner Ads
    • Video/Flash Ads
    • Combination Ads
    • Affiliate Ads
  11. Self Service Advertising
  12. Flexibility to incorporate any kind of a site and to allow any kind of Ad layouts
  13. Zones give you full flexibility to create different Ad units in varying sizes
  14. Better Bootstrap Implementation and awesome ad creation wizard
  15. Backend ad Creation/Editing
  16. User and Ad and ad data Caching
  17. Manage Your Ads
  18. Native Joomla update support
  19. Backend and Front end ACL Support
  20. Basic Tax Handling
  21. Invoicing
  22. SocialAds supports 2 awesome Revenue models
  23. Ad Wallet Mode with Campaigns and Budgets
  24. Extensive Email Notifications
  25. Multiple Payment Gateways:
    • Alpha User Points
    • Authorizenet
    • JomSocial Points
    • Linkpoint
    • Pay By Check
    • Pay By Purchase Order
    • Paypal
    • Paypalpro
    • Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)
    • 2Checkout
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