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Sport Predictions add-on for JoomSport 5.6
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This Sports Predictions add-on is product powered by BearDev team. It extends the functionality of well known Joomla sport league management extension - JoomSport. The great thing about it is that to create predictions you don't need to enter matches, scores, teams and huge amount of data - this is all managed by JoomSport .

Predictions add-on works pretty straight forward:

  1. You need to create Predictions League first, were you add any season from JoomSport database and configure how many points users will gain for three types of predictions.
  2. Then you need to create prediction Rounds and add matches from the selected seasons.

After that add the new JoomSport predictions layout in menu and that's it!
Your site visitors will be able to submit their predictions, check matches score and see prediction leaders board of selected predictions league. Just don't forget to announce you prize for top predictions leaders ;)

Predictions add-on is fully integrated with JoomSport so that means that your site visitors will be able to open match stat pages, browse to teams pages, etc.etc...

Number of options available in Predictions add-on like sort options and points mechanism for rounds.

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