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EXP Autos Pro
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EXP Autos - it's the only component that when you change categories, changes Makes, Models, Bodytypes, Equipments etc.

For example you are selling cars and trucks, cars and trucks have different Makes (funny to see in trucks Aston Martin, Audi etc.), different Models, different Bodytype(funny to see in trucks - sedan etc.), different Equipments etc.

The script can be used by a single or multiple sellers and as a portal for vehicle sales with an ability to register users.

The component allows adding listing from the front side of the website as well as the backside (administrational).

A total of 200 settings can be changed in the component configuration with the usage of which you can set your website.

The component uses an unlimited amount of Group Users, for every Group You can choose your own settings therefore you are able to set the Group settings that are most suitable for You. For every Category You can choose a set of fields which will be used for the particular Category, that will give the ability to sell vehicles starting from Cars, Trucks, Water transport to Bicycles.

With the use of only one code line You are able to insert an unlimited amount of positions for modules right into the component.

Views 3,717 Downloads 19
Version Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2018-03-16
Website JED Developer EXP Team
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 99.99 € EUR

USER OPTIONS (short description):

  • Addition of a vehicle
  • Import/Export ZIP archive with images
  • Support Mobile device
  • Addition of Models of vehicles by users (if allowed in the group)
  • Announcement extension
  • Announcement editing
  • Email receiving after announcement addition
  • Email receiving before announcement end
  • Receiving of emails from users
  • Uploading of a picture via the AJAX technology (without rebooting)
  • Ability to add description for every picture
  • Ability to sort announcements
  • Ability to highlight updates (Top, Commercial, Special)
  • Depending on the Group, addition of ads allowed only for particular Group Categories
  • Ability of switching skins (templates) by users
  • Saved ads in ShortList
  • Compare ads
  • and more .....

ADMINISTRATOR OPTIONS (short description):

  • Unlimited amount of Categories, Sub Categories, Sub Sub Categories and etc.
  • Unlimited amount of Group Users
  • Separate options for every Group
  • On/Off switching of all usable fields for every Category
  • Addition of vehicle Brands(Makes)
  • Addition of vehicle Models
  • Addition of Countries
  • Addition of States
  • Addition of Conditions (New, Used, Broken and etc.)
  • Addition of Sellers
  • Addition of Color names
  • Addition of names of Body Types
  • Addition of Drive names
  • Addition of Fuel type names
  • Addition of Transmission names
  • Addition of Currency names
  • Addition of Equipment names
  • Unlimited number of skins (templates) for each page of the component
  • Separate Equipment for every Category
  • Ability to configure(change) options of every page
  • Addition of a Vehicle
  • Ability to allow/deny announcement extension
  • Turn On/Off the automatic announcement deletion
  • Ability to set the lifetime of announcements and their extensio
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Joomla 2.5 & 3
EXP Auto Pro
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