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Mailster Ultimate 1.5.4
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Let your users be part of a group and email communicate peer to peer without having to log into your Joomla site.

Similar to programs like Mailman or Listserv this extension allows you to run a discussion mailing list. Any mail send to the mailing list email address is forwarded to the rest of the members of the group. When members reply to such emails Mailster again forwards them to the other list recipients.

You choose one email address, no matter if it is located at your own mailing server or at a free email service. The only prerequisite: it is possible to access the mails through one of the standard protocols POP or IMAP.


  • Unlimited maililing lists
  • Unlimited subscribers per maililing list
  • Archive to digest article
  • Offline Archive / Auto-Clean-Up
  • Frontend and backend email archive
  • Community Builder plugin
  • Dedicated cronjob mode
  • Email digest mode
  • Double Opt-In
  • Captcha protection
  • Email filtering
  • Configurable event notifications
  • Email archiving can be disabled
  • Configurable send throttling
  • CSV user import & export
  • Unlimited installations
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