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Mailer Pro 1.0
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Mailer Pro is a Joomla 2.5, 3.0 extension developed by Ossolution Team to provide you a quick, easy, reliable way for sending mass mails to your customers/site users. With Mailer Pro, you can send emails to:

  • Users from certain Joomla groups.
  • Users returned from SQL Query(for example, customers who purchased certain products in Virtuemart or all registrants of a specific events in Events Booking....).
  • Users stored in a CSV/Excell file

Unlike other extensions which send emails as soon as the emails created, Mailer Pro store(queue) created emails in database and each time it only send a small number of emails (configurable - for example 50 emails each time). By doing that, you don't have to worry about mail server limitation anymore( Usually, Mail Server only allows sending about 150 emails per hours, and if you try to send more emails, these emails won't be delivered).

Creating and Managing email campaigns:

Each time you want to send emails to users, you will need to create a Email Campaign. When you create a new campaign, you need to enter folliowing informations:

  • Title: Title of the campaign.
  • Emails source: That's where you tell the extension get list of users which it will send emails to. There are 3 options available:
    1. Joomla users: Using this option if you want to send emails to users from certain Joomla groups. Just choose the groups you want to send emails to in this case.
    2. SQL Query: Using this option if you want to send emails to users which are stored in database table. In this case, just enter the SQL query into SQL Command parameter.
    3. CSV File: Using this option if you want to send emails to users which are stored in a CSV/Excell file. In this case, you will need to upload to the CSV file which contains users information (name and email).
  • Email Subject: The subject of email send to users.
  • Email Message: The email message which will be sent to users. You can use [NAME] tag in the message and it will be replaced by the name of actual user.
  • Attachment: You can upload a file here and the file will be sent to users in the email attachment.
  • Published: If set to Yes, all the created emails for this campaign will be ready for sending. Otherwise, the system will set these emails to Pending - UnPublished (please note that the system will only send emails which are ready for sending - published)

Some important notes:

  1. Emails won't be sent immediately after you created the email campaign. They will be stored in database (you can see the list of generated emails by going to Mailer Pro -> Emails) and will be sent later by a system plugin in the extension (or by cron job). Each time, the system will only send small number of emails (for example 50 emails each time) to avoid Mail Server limitation (most of mail server only allow sending about 150 emails per hour).
  2. When you unpublish a campaign, all emails belong to that campaign will be unpublished (Pending) and they won't be sent until you publish it.
  3. When you delete a campaign, all emails belong to that campaign will be deleted.

Managing Emails

You can go to Mailer Pro -> Emails to see list of of generated emails. From that page, you can see which emails are sent, which emails are pending, which emails are failed .... You can also edit the email subject, email message, delete, publish, unpublish an email..

Send emails

As mentioned before, all the generated emails will be stored in database and will be sent from time to time by a System Plugin comes with the extension (of course you can also setup cron job to trigger sending emails). Go to Extensions -> Plugins manager, find and publish the System-Mailer Pro plugin to start sending emails. Each time the plguin is run (you can setup it to run every X-minutes), it will send certain number of emails from queu (for example, 50 emails each time) until the email queue are emptied.

Content Plugins support

Mailer Pro support content plugins, so you can use any Joomla content plugins in the email messages sent to users. For example, you can write a plugin to display new virtuemart products and use that plugin to notify your customers about your new products...

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