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Shika Pro 1.3.31
(8 votes)

Simplifying ELearning ... One lesson at a time! A Social Learning Management Extension for Joomla. Powerpacked with awesome features for your dream ELearning site

Shika in Marathi means 'to learn'. Shika is a Learning Management System (LMS) for Joomla.

  • Organisation and Search
    • Multi Level Categorisation
    • Tags
    • Search
  • Course Manager
    • Drag and Drop Course Management with Modules and Lessons
    • Elligibility Criteria to define specific learning paths
    • Joomla ACL for Courses
    • Associated files for Courses
  • Authoring
    • Drag and Drop HTML Course Authoring
    • Standard Joomla WYSIWYG
  • Lesson Types
    • HTML5
    • SCORM
    • Powerpoint PPT/PPTX
    • Documents PDF/DOC/DOCX
    • Simple HTML
    • Video (Uploaded and Youtube)
    • Audio
  • Quiz Builder
    • Central Question Bank
    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • Multiple Response Questions
    • Manual Quiz Builder
    • Rules based automated quiz generater
    • Automated Checking
    • Resume support
  • Ecommerce
    • Course Subscription System
    • ECommerce Dashboards and Reports
    • Multiple Payment Plugins
    • Free Sample Lessons
  • Social Integrations
    • EasySocial
    • JomSocial
    • Likes, Comments, Notes and Lists
    • Recommend a Course
  • Reports
    • Course Report
    • Student Report Card
  • Certification
    • Certificate Generation
    • Certification Criteria
  • Tracking and Scoring
    • Multiple Attempts
    • Multiple Scoring Methods
  • Media Storage
    • Amazon S3 Integration
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  • krantas

    # krantas 2016-10-11 19:17

    new version please :lol:
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  • crom

    # crom 2017-02-10 23:17

    Hello, this package is causing site to corrupt/die. (Cause a timeout error, then the site is inaccessible from front or back end. Any chance of a new package?
    Thank you.
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  • Axelle

    # Axelle 2017-08-24 13:31

    :cry: to hold please update to version 2
    Report to administrator
  • Pitagora

    # Pitagora 2017-09-02 09:11

    Version 1.1.10 was released on August 2nd, could you update it please?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • Axelle

    # Axelle 2017-11-13 14:50

    :zzz Please update this version is toooooo old
    Report to administrator
  • claudevips

    # claudevips 2018-01-20 23:45

    Please could you update to 1.2.1???
    Report to administrator
  • Pitagora

    # Pitagora 2018-05-08 11:57

    Hi, some update?
    Report to administrator
  • Jorge

    # Jorge 2019-01-17 20:42

    Update 1.3.4 version please
    Report to administrator
  • G S

    # G S 2019-11-23 10:29

    New update the current pluigin is not working, am getting an error message displaying it on the frontend. i.imgur.com/DKtaBRG.png
    Report to administrator
  • Joomla! Share

    # Joomla! Share 2019-11-29 12:25

    Hi, best Black Friday is here. updated to latest version.
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  • toto

    # toto 2020-02-03 13:37

    Hi, please update Shika to v 1.3.30

    Shika v1.3.30 Changelog:

    #156847 Introduced two new course layouts as "Compact" & "Extended" and renamed the default layout as "Legacy" in Shika config

    #156931 Introduced Resume module with upcoming lesson information and Continue button to accessed the last lesson viewed

    #154470 Introduced the "Reader View" config in "Link As Lesson" on lesson level which will give better readability

    #154672 Introduced Buy Now, Enroll and Continue button layout on course pin view

    #153663 Introduced Shika config for course image size for course detail view

    #155114 Introduced Ideal time on the lesson the playlist

    #155103 Introduced the Category Title on Course pins

    #154714 Introduced the course price range on course pins

    #153235 Added HTML5 files as sample/example for HTML5 lesson type

    #146532 Done Course details page optimisation which can be more visible only when you have numerous enrollments

    #156476 Unable to detect the manifest file and index.php validation while uploading HTML5 and SCORM respectively

    #155947 Attached images in questions and answers in quiz do not open in a pop-up

    #155944 Module accordion does not work when we add an apostrophe in the course title

    #155656 Buy course >>select plan >> date format is not incorrect as per format set in Shika config

    #156712 Answers shuffles in case the quiz or answer sheet has been reloaded

    #155301 Security fix>> In upload file format

    #155300 Security fix>> In course description

    #154827 Course details page>> Lesson description >>Authorised users unable to see lesson details

    #154557 Manage Enrolment view shows incorrect data after import is completed

    #154556 In Hierarchy Export>> shows incorrect default data.

    #154128 Frontend> Courses> When course access level is public Enrol button is not visible to non-logged in user.

    #153724 Security fix>> In Assessment view

    #153656 Frontend> Quiz> If a quiz having pagination questions doesn't show up in correct order

    #153438 Backend> Create Quiz> Start date is accepted past dates

    #153387 Frontend> Orders view> Text get cut on the print preview

    #153021 Reviewer can give marks for Not attempted questions

    #152828 Security fix>> file format field in backend admin side

    #152032 Frontend> Course details view>> date related message improvement

    #151896 Backend> Create Quiz> messages consistency improvement

    #151878 SingleCourse API throws 500 Internal Server Error

    #151224 Safari browser>> Frontend> Course TOC>> Calendar icon is not properly aligned on Set Goal's pop-up

    #151113 Backend>MCQ type of question with grading type Quiz> upload video file, gets error "Invalid file type" post saving

    #151108 Backend>Rating type of question> If the same range is applied (i.e. from 1 to 1) gets an error and options disappears

    #150901 Backend> Shika Config> Lesson Settings> Quiz Settings>> Removed Pagination for limit for Quiz options

    #150772 Access the Feedback via a menu throwing error

    #150771 Assessments view on Frontend> After selecting filter the search tools then all filters get hidden

    #150750 Frontend> Coupons View> Search icon doesn't load when "load bootstrap" is OFF

    #150749 Frontend> Orders View> Search icon doesn't load when "load bootstrap" is OFF

    #150727 Quiz>Subjective-Text area type questions>User can submit quiz even though entered text is less than MIN character limit

    #150719 Quiz>File upload type questions> Allowed file types are not mentioned while the user attempts the question

    #150716 Backend> Coupons> Coupon used count is not getting updated

    #150684 Quiz>>Assessment view(subjective type)>>Already marks have been allotted as zero, should be blank as marks are not given

    #150648 Quiz> While question overview is ON, Subjective text input type questions are not getting marked as opted.

    #150557 On clicking Enrol by one user, other user gets enrolled

    #148730 API >> Courses >> filters[category] in response the category id is null

    #148577 Backend>>Question categories>>unable to change the status from unpublish to publish

    #144618 Dashboard>> My Recommended Courses >> Displayed username under user icon

    #144215 Create coupon >>Name field requires validation >> accepts blank spaces

    #144213 Used Coupon count is zero still showing "Maximum uses per user exceeds"

    #143953 Shika Config>>"Creator to access his course without enrolling" option not working

    #143385 Quiz/Exercise - If we set 'No of Attempts' 1 then in frontend it shows error message 'Your attempt exhausted, you cannot launch the lesson'

    #143238 Microsoft Edge>> User logout when accessed to any course details page

    #143207 Security fix>> In Course Description

    #141661 Security fix>> Create quiz>> In File upload lesson type

    #141638 Security fix>> On file format field

    #141255 Question creation view >>Mentioned the allowed file extensions

    #128907 After enrolling to oneself or admin gets an error " 1 users enrolment is failed. Please try again"

    #120687 Front panel>> Coupon>> just hover anywhere on the screen, every element disappears

    #99153 Backend>> Coupons>> Edit Coupons>>At the time of saving it shows a validation error
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  • toto

    # toto 2020-04-04 13:34

    Hi, please update to v1.3.31

    thank you
    Report to administrator
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