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MultiTrans Plus 2.0.16
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Uses Bing & Google Translation Systems

  • Google - 79 languages enabled.
  • Bing - 49 languages enabled.
  • The module provides facilities for positioning and background colour
    (in addition to CSS option).
  • MultiTransPlus has these enhanced options Click Here
  • Forced translation option: forces page to a particular different language
  • Attractive panels & drawers with flags
  • Dropdown menu with flags
  • Translations can be modified via free add-on component.
  • Documentation for component.

Also are included are tabs to place at top-right, top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right.

There is also an auto option which places no widget but if the end-users browser language is different to your site language the Google translation bar appears. Thus a totally unintrusive option for most of your site users.

Translates over 70 languages.

Provides translations in most European, Asian and some African languages. Most major markets covered.

Works with either jQuery or Mootools

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MultiTrans Plus 2.0.16
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