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Yireo BingTranslate 1.0.1
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Microsoft offers frontend translation through its translation engine (previously called Bing Translate). Useful, yes. But often slow, and it is not always perfect. Our powerful Joomla! extension offers backend translations for all your products and categories. This allows you to correct translations before publishing. And it makes your site fly!

Views 3,543 Downloads 13
Version 1.0.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2021-01-22
Website Developer Yireo
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 49 € EUR

Manual spelling corrections

All translations are done from your backend, and every translation is saved in your database. This makes sure you can correct translations afterwards - either by running through the text yourself, or by hiring a translator. Computer-based translations are not perfect, but they certainly can save you a lot of costs.

Editor button to translate content

Using a Joomla! plugin, an editor-button is added to any content-area - allowing you to translate content with a single mouse-click. Once you click on the button, the API does the rest.

Support for various multilingual engines

Joomla! 2.5 and later ships with multilingual support in the core. Using the default Joomla! backend, you can create content that is assigned to a certain language. Once that language is set, our extension is able to perform translations for it. Our extension also ships with support for JoomFish and FaLang.

No performance loss in frontend

Because your translations are only being made in the Joomla! backend, your Joomla! frontend does not require any JavaScript widgets, and does not run any slower because of this. If the API breaks for any reason, your site will not be done - but all your translations are still there!

Open source & high quality

All code of this extension is open source, and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). When writing code, we follow the Joomla! coding guidelines. All code is of high quality.

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