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SP Expense Manager 1.0.3
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A Joomla! component that helps you log and track your expenses and keep an eye on your accounts balance. You can use it for your personal, family, or company financial control, or build a 'cloud' expense manager application for your site's visitors. It take full advantage of Joomla! ACL system so each user can manage his finance.

As it's name indicates is an expense manager for the cloud!

Is a tool for your site's users to control and manage their finances. Keep track of the expenses, income and update automatic the connected accounts. It comes with ready accounts, expenses and income categories, but you can just add/delete/edit any category as you wish, on an unlimited hierarchy tree, with the standard Joomla! category manager.

In two clicks you can know how much you spend and earn in any given time period, per day, or per week, or per month, or per year, on selected, or all your accounts.

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SP Expense Manager 1.0.3
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