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YEEditor Paid 2.04.05
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YEEditor is fun and easy to use, intuitive user interface with drag and drop feature, you and your clients is going to love it. Usually for an experience html content editor to edit a page similar to the iMac page at apple.com will take around 30 – 120 minutes, but now with YEEditor it only take less then 3 minutes. Page building have been so easy, you will be shock to see how it work.

YEEditor had a built-in template system, where you can save it as a template for later use. You and your clients can now build page much faster, you can create template for your client and all they need to do is filling out the content. Isn’t this a dream come true, no more messy coding. Because YEEditor are powered by bootstrap, the most popular responsive grid system developed by twitter. Your content will look good no matter they are desktop or mobile.

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  • mehdiedalat

    # mehdiedalat 2019-01-12 17:20

    This Extension has been removed by joomla.org by many harmful reason!
    see this link:https://extensions.joomla.org/support/knowledgebase/item/unpublished-extensions-error-codes/
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