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Smart Seller is a perfect solution for selling all kinds of files: extensions, PDF, MP3, images etc. It requires only PayPal account and FTP access to upload your stuff. All the rest will be done by this really smart piece of software.


Try it yourself and you'll never look for more!


  • Easy setup, which requires only PayPal account and FTP access.
  • No restrictions for file types. Sell what you want: images, music, videos, whatever!
  • Upload files one by one with Smart Mailer or drop them all to FTP and simply scan the folder.
  • Extremely easy to use. Just insert a {smartseller} marker with file ID anywhere you want and you're done!
  • Make file dependent on another one. For example, make plugins require license for main component (see Social Crossposting, for example).
  • Automatically register users, add new orders to existing accounts and renew (not rebill!) licenses.
  • Sends customizable notifications with placeholders (order ID, file name, download link etc.) and file attachments on new purchase, update, renewal etc.
  • Sends order reminders with alerts about expiring or expired license, follow up and other emails (requires cron).
  • Limit file downloads or set licensing period for each file separately.
  • Review and rating system, which allows your visitors to rate and leave a reviews for your products.
  • Rich event system, which allows to infinitely expand functionality with plugins (see available plugins below).
  • Integrated currency converter with a list of all available PayPal currencies. Allows customers to pay with chosen currency too!
  • Complex algorithm of checking download availability to avoid unauthorized downloads (easily expandable with plugins).
  • Separate pages for every customer with statistics about his orders, IP addresses and number of downloads.
  • Global discount (for all files) or coupon (once applied) can be set in your store with title, number of uses, start/end dates and more.
  • Export your orders and files from any other file selling extension.
  • Automatically unpublishes order, when dispute is initiated in PayPal or payment refunded.
  • Create categories, assign files to them, add menus to file and category pages to build a perfect digital store!


Smart Seller was created by people, who have huge experience in selling files. It has several unique features and so easy to use, that you won't even notice, how it works. You customers will buy files, get a notifications with download information and licensing limits, see the list of all purchased files and renew them without asking for your help. All is done automatically and basically require only to upload files and put a {smartseller} marker in any place of you site (article, module, footer, header, you name it). To make it even better, we've added our popular Price Converter plugin in Smart Seller. If you have an international store, your buyers will love it!


Below is a list of currently supported extensions. If you don't see your desired extension, just email us and we will add its support to Smart Seller.

  • Akeeba Subscriptions


Not enough? Just look at some major features we plan to add in future updates:

  • Shopping cart. Users will shop more and shop faster!
  • Sales stats. How many files you've sold, most popular files, monthly income etc.
  • Multiple payment gateways. Google Checkout, Skrill, Bitcoin, you name it.
  • Coupons and discounts. Create unlimited number of coupons with different settings or setup a file discount for each file separately.
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