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Simple Renew is the solution we created to integrate Recurly. 

Trusted by thousands of companies, Recurly is one of the great subscription billing solutions out there. It’s so good, it is what we use here at Alledia and at OSTraining to manage our subscription sales and renewals.

Recurly accepts all sorts of payments including credit cards, Paypal, Pay with Amazon, Invoicing and ACH transfers. Recurly makes it easy to manage your subs streamlining the billing tasks through smart automation. It makes it easy for your customers to upgrade and downgrade their memberships. Recurly is easy to customize and makes it easy for you to track your recurring revenue.

Like all our extensions, Simple Renew is “people friendly”.  We obsess over the details of each of our extension’s design, upkeep, and documentation so that they are easy (and fun) to install, use and maintain.


  • Seamless integration of Recurly and Joomla
  • User-friendly UI
  • User is able to pay from your site without being redirected elsewhere
  • The checkout process is a very simple, one page checkout, thus drastically reducing cart abandonment issues.
  • There's also an option for Pay by Paypal
  • Option for creating free trials
  • Each user has their own account area within your Joomla site
  • User can update their account billing information within their account area
  • User can download invoices from their account area
  • User can start and stop auto-renews from their account area
  • User can upgrade to different plans
  • Integrates with Recurly's coupon feature
  • Integrates with Recurly's emailing system
  • Integrates with Recurly's dunning management
  • Multi-subscription support
  • Integrates with Joomla's ACL
  • Integrates with Joomla's Language Manager. All text can be customized and/or translated
  • User info is automatically synced between Joomla and Recurly
  • PCI Compliance: http://simplerenew.com/pci-compliance/
  • Test mode available using Recurly's test gateway
  • And much more...
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