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OSDonate Pro 1.5.5 UPDATED
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OSDonate is the best and easiest Paypal Donate extension for Joomla 3.

OSDonate allows you to easily show a PayPal donate button inside a Joomla module. Please try OSDonate and you'll see how easy it is to collect donations.

Here are the main features of OSDonate:

  • OSDonate integrates easily with Paypal. Just enter your email address.
  • If needed, OSDonate can hovers / floats on the page while users scroll
  • You can inserts OSDonate into articles
  • You can customize the intro text to explain why you're collecting donations
  • You can specify the page people are sent to after a success donation
  • You can specify the page people are sent to after a canceled donation
  • You can display your company logo on Paypal's donation page
  • You can display your custom description on Paypal's donation page
  • User can choose either a fixed or an adjustable donation amount
  • Users can choose the donation currency
  • There's a full language file for easy translation
  • OSDonate is fully responsive
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