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Pay My Bill is a Joomla module that enables you to take payments without any shop software like VirtueMart.


One of the strongest feature of the module is minimal code duplication, a normal Joomla module outputs the same html code for each instance making the page having duplicate content in the case of more than one instance of the module in the same page, this isn't the case of Pay My Bill module, you can add as many payment buttons on your website without code duplication, thus your website is search engine friendly.

Pay My Bill PerfectMoney is very user friendly, doesn't bother users with many confirmations or many pages to go through, making the purchasing experience very easy and fast for your customers.

Another user friendly feature is the auto completion of the payment forms, in example you sell more than one product on the page, the customer details are saved and appear on all the other payment forms, thus it doesn't annoy the customer to re add his details if he hits cancel or wants to buy another product.


  • PerfectMoney and PayPal payment methods
  • Fixed or Custom payment amount options
  • Invoice field
  • Terms and Conditions option
  • Document attachments
  • License Key option
  • E-mail options
  • E-mail templates
  • Return pages
  • Title for payment methods
  • Ordering of the payment methods
  • Add extra fee on each payment method
  • Add extra procentual fee
  • Export all orders
  • Product description
  • Change buttons colors
  • Customize button texts
  • Joomla language system ready
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