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Want a better ranking with search engines ? MijoSEF can be used for Joomla SEF URLs, Metadata, Sitemap and Tags generator. It is a great way to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) because it is automatically rewriting your Joomla! URLs to SEF (search engine friendly) URLs. All the rewrited URLs are customizable and has many configurations for further URL rewriting.


  • Free version & support
  • Written 100% in modular way
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Customizable User Interface
  • 3rd Party extensions installation and management
  • Support for over 250 3rd party components
  • Migration from other SEF components without losing old URLs (AceSEF, JoomSEF, sh404SEF)
  • On-site automatic upgrades
  • On-site version control
  • Downgrade-able
  • Advanced and managable caching system for improved performance
  • On-site help pages, documentation
  • Handling records in batch mode
  • Field autocompleters while editing records, no more copy-paste
  • Global parameters for extensions
  • Advanced filters in backend
  • Backup / Restore for every section (URLs, Metadata e.t.c)


  • Basic URL rewriting, no plugin obligation
  • Supports Joomla! router.php files
  • Alias option for ALL components
  • Fully customizable URLs, options for automatic URL generation
  • Joomla 2.5/3.x, FaLang and JoomFish compatibility for multilangual websites, translated URLs
  • Duplicated URLs management
  • Date based automatic “duplicated URLs” handling
  • Advanced methods to find proper Itemid and prevent unwanted Duplicated URLs
  • “Quick Edit” mode in backend, edit URLs in batch mode
  • Updating URLs without purging from backend
  • URL trash in backend
  • Automatic and/or custom 301 redirects
  • 301 redirects from J! core SEF to component’s SEF URLs
  • 301 redirects for w/without www domain
  • WordPress style SEF URLs
  • Option to include parent menus in URL like J! SEF
  • Unique numerical URLs for duplicated URLs
  • Unicode (UTF-8) URLs with non-latin characters
  • URL Source Tracker
  • Configurable non-SEF variables
  • Locking URLs to prevent deletion by mistake
  • Blocking URLs to prevent SEF rewrite
  • Advanced SSL configuration
  • Customizable 404 page
  • Option to use the default 404 of Joomla
  • Support for Google News URL format
  • Backup/Restore URLs


  • Automatic metadata generation
  • On-edit-page Metadata
  • Create new metadata from backend manually
  • Generate metadata from backend automatically
  • Update metadata automatically from backend
  • Showing duplicated titles/descriptions in backend
  • Searching metadata in backend
  • Possibility to (un)publish metadata for each URL
  • Option to add page number to title automatically
  • Clipping auto description by sentences/words
  • Keywords whitelist for auto keywords
  • Removing/Replacing "Generator" meta tag
  • Google, Yahoo, Live, Alexa key meta tag
  • Extra custom meta tags
  • Backup/Restore metadata


  • No plugin obligation
  • Automatic HTML & XML sitemap
  • Pagination opportunity for HTML & XML sitemap
  • Each sitemap's item can be (un)published
  • Customizable XML sitemap
  • Component based HTML sitemap
  • Sitemap items management from backend
  • Delete/Create able sitemap items
  • Fast sitemap loading, just 2 queries
  • Static XML sitemap opportunity
  • Cron Task for static XML sitemap file
  • Pinging Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Pinging Services like pingomatic
  • Backup/Restore sitemap items


  • Tags feature for all components, not only Content (Articles)
  • No plugin obligation
  • Show tags at the bottom/top of pages
  • SEF support
  • Grouping tags by component using Prefix
  • Automatic tags generation
  • Blacklist for automatic tags generation
  • Alias able tags
  • Publish/unpublish each tag for each page/URL
  • Customizable list view
  • Backup/Restore tags


  • Internal Links feature for all components, not only Content (Articles)
  • No plugin obligation
  • Nofollow option
  • Case sensitive option
  • Limit number of words to be linked
  • Backup/Restore items


  • Social Bookmarks for all components, not only Content (Articles)
  • No plugin obligation
  • Add/Edit/Delete bookmarks
  • Show bookmarks at the bottom/top of pages or using placeholders
  • Backup/Restore items
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