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RAXO Load Module Position 1.1
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RAXO Load Module Position is a lightweight Joomla content plugin that automatically adds module positions into Joomla articles or K2 items.

With this plugin you can place module positions before and after article content, and even inside article content after the paragraph you specify. Then you can place any Joomla module inside these module positions. Those are great places to remind your readers about something you want them to do, a special promotion you are running, suggest related articles, etc.

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Version 1.1 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2016-09-24
Website JED external Developer RAXO Group external
License GNU/GPL external 5 EUR


  1. It adds module positions to your articles automatically, without having to place any coding manually inside article text.
  2. These smart module positions will appear only if you actually place a module inside.
  3. This plugin fully supports module menu assignment settings. So you will be able to flexibly manage on what pages you want to insert modules in these positions.
  4. Easy method to insert module position inside article text just by defining paragraph number after which you want to insert the position.

This plugin is simple but it does really important job for you, so you may find yourself using this little extension on every Joomla site you create.

Supported Components

Joomla Content (com_ content)
K2 (com_k2)

How to Use It:

  • Enable content plugin RAXO Load Module Position in plugin manager.
  • Configure plugin to show e.g. after content position.
  • Go to module manager and place any module in “after-content” position.
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