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DT Docusign is Doc Signing for Joomla to manage important documents, including obtaining signatures, and integrate that process into your Joomla site, then DT Docusign is the right solution for you. Built to integrate directly with Docusign, DT Docusign allows you to manage templates and documents from the administrator side of your site. Your users can login to the frontend of your site and see documents that are assigned to them right there rather than having to login and manage it manually through Docusign.

Advanced features for DT Docusign

  • Admin management of templates and documents from your Docusign account
  • Template and document editing from the Joomla admin side
  • Manage email subject, folder assignment, access level and user assignment for any document
  • Manage access levels for any template
  • Map Joomla user profile fields to Docusign templates
  • Sync profile data with documents DURING signing of Docusign documents
  • User view of assigned Docusign documents on Joomla front end

DT Register Plugins:

There is a plugin available to integrate Docusign directly with DT Register and offers the following:

  • Sync DT Register event fields and data into documents created upon registration of an event
  • Mapping options are linked to each Docusign template
  • Events can share mapping options
  • Can be used for certificates for events
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