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Global Directory is a powerful, self-contained package containing all of the elements needed to design and build many different types of international directories and catalogs.

Directory can be designed and configured to be industry-specific such as: guitar manufacturers, or more generic such as: restaurants.

Catalog can be designed and configured to showcase and advertise: jewelry, real estate, hotels, musical instruments, cars, cameras, or food.

End-users can post, or search for information about: businesses, parks, clubs, schools, bands, organizations, government agencies, churches, products, services, talents or jobs available.

Access to directories and catalogs can be configured to be free, and open to the public, or limited to paid members only. A PayPal feature is also available, so that members can pay their dues, online.

The labor saving and very popular “User-Generated-Content” feature enables end-users throughout the world to upload and edit their own multi-media content, such as: text, photos, logos, locations, and videos.

The reason Global Directory is so powerful, and yet so flexible, with seemingly infinite capabilities is because it is built on the solid, standard Joomla Category/Sub-Category, Article/Media content structure, using the T3 Framework with Google Maps.
In one download, followed by a single-click installation, you get everything you need, including: Template, Component, Module, and Plug-In.

Full administration functionality is implemented through the component named “Global Directory.”

You simply create standard Joomla articles, which are searchable by all Joomla search engines. It incorporates a “special business” search module, which searches through the categories/locations. Searches can also be initiated by simply entering a keyword. All of the relevant items which are found are then integrated into a Google Maps module. They are shown as well in the search results list.

Easy Admin skillfully manages all the user-generated information pertaining to each business listing. This includes: Address, Contact Information, Social Network Listings, Google Maps Location, Business Description, Custom Fields, Images such as Logo or Photo, Attachments, Business Hours, etc..

The categories and Locations are also added as metadata to Joomla articles, and naturally all articles are tag-able.
The Global Directory Template is based on the popular and powerful T3 Framwork which provides pre-defined layouts and color schemes. These can then be easily customized, as required, such as unlimited color variations, modified layouts and much more.

The Global Directory template was designed and built using the latest Bootstrap 3 front-end framework which utilizes the Responsive Design System. This system automatically adjusts to fit the size and shape of the viewer’s screens, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or TV.

Once again, the key features of Global Directory are:

  1. Easy to install and configure
  2. Self-contained, single download package contains: Component, Module, Plug-In and Template
  3. Easy Admin feature with unlimited categories/sub-categories/articles (locations/sub-locations), unlimited color variations, pre-defined layouts and color schemes
  4. Responsive Design layouts for all common devices
  5. Joomla Articles integration
  6. Automatic Picture Gallery with built-in slider,
  7. Unlimited attachments
  8. Powered by T3 Framework, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, HTML 5, CSS3
  9. Great Customer Support, and much more.
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