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OptimizeAnySite 1.0.3 b0008
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Php script for optimize any existing site code. This can help you to get more points from Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix and get faster site loading times. You can optimize Worpress site or you can optimise Joomla site, you can optimize any site with this single script!

The script makes it easy to optimize CSS delivery and minify HTML. This tool fixes render-blocking JavaScript issue and prioritizes visible content by means of the above-the-fold content reduction.

The best solution for any Web developer to move style tags, scripts, defer scripts, optimize images, minify the page code. Additionally, it also can add a nice loading spinner to your page before the whole site is shown, as well as combine styles and scripts in a single file, defer images.

It is tested with Wordpress and Joomla, but may help you to optimize any existing site code with any CMS or raw code.


  • a) Basic settings:
    • Style tag movement – moves the style tags to the page bottom
    • Inline style movement – moves the inline styles to the page bottom
    • Script tag movement – moves the script tag to the page bottom
    • Inline script movement – moves the inline script to the page bottom (When all the scripts are moved, the script loading will be deferred)
    • Image optimization – decreases the images size and compresses it
    • Space clearance – minifies the code deleting the unnecessary indents and blank spaces
    • Code minification – minifies the code deleting the unnecessary indents and blank spaces
  • b) Advanced settings
    • Preloader – the nice spinning loading box is added before the page is completely loaded. It can be better for view after the styles are moved to the page bottom
    • Combine styles – combines all the files into one minified file (works only for local styles because of relative paths, file will be cached)
    • Combine scripts – combines scripts into one minified file (file will be cached)
    • Combine inline scripts – combines inline scripts into one minified file (file will be cached)
    • Images defer – defers images loading on the site
    • Generate Critical CSS
    • Full Page Cache
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