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Cache Cleaner Pro 8.2.2 HOT
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Cache Cleaner is a Joomla! Administrator system plugin (and module), that allows you to clean your Joomla! cache fast and easily via a link in the Administrator panel - and much more.

If you are using caching in Joomla!, you will need to clear your cache after making changes to your website. Normally this means having to navigate away from the current page, go to the Joomla! Cache Manager, and then delete all cache. This is very annoying and requires a lot of clicks and waiting time.

With Cache Cleaner this can be done from any page of the backend, and with just one click. And it doesn't even need to reload the page either, because it uses ajax to clear the cache in the background.

Not only that, it also gives you the possibility to clear server cache, Cloudflare & CDN cache, 3rd party cache, do a Global Check-in, empty the tmp folder, empty user-defined folders and database tables… all with just 1 click! So no more clickety-click to get to the core Joomla! Cache Manager, and no more having to manually delete files.

Cache Cleaner can also clear Joomla! cache automatically when you save an article or other item. And you can even set it to clear your cache and custom folders at preset intervals.


Clean Cache via

  • Administrator Quick Link
    • 1-click cleaning of the Joomla! cache
  • Toolbar Button
    • 1-click cleaning of the Joomla! cache
  • Frontend Secret URL
    • Define a secret word to clean the cache from a frontend URL. Can also be used as a Cron Job.
  • Automatic cleaning on Save
    • Clean cache every time you save/apply an article or other item

What you can clean

  • Purge Joomla! Cache
    • Cleaning of the cache folders stored by Joomla!
  • Purge Expired Cache
    • Purging of the expired Joomla! cache
  • Purge Update Cache
    • Purging of the update cache used for update notifications for Joomla and extensions
  • Global Check-In
    • 1-click Global Check-In of all checked-out items
  • Empty tmp Folder
    • Ability to completely empty the tmp folder

Clean Cache via

  • Automatic cleaning by Interval
    • Clean cache by interval (every so many seconds)
  • Minimum Age
    • Set the minimum age (in minutes) of the files to delete

What you can clean

  • Empty Custom Folders
    • Ability to empty user-defined folder
  • Empty Database Tables
    • Ability to empty user-defined database tables
  • Purge Server Cache
    • Supports purging the servers LiteSpeed cache and OPcache
  • Purge SiteGround Cache
    • Supports purging the SiteGround Static/Dynamic cache
  • Purge Cloudflare Cache
    • Supports purging the Cloudflare cache
  • Purge CDN Cache
    • Supports purging the CDN cache of MaxCDN, KeyCDN, CDN77
  • Purge 3rd Party Cache
    • Supports purging JotCache
  • Query URL
    • Query a custom url in the background after purging all other caches
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