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FILEman is the most powerful file, video & image manager extension for Joomla

Upload and manage files. Create beautiful image galleries with automatic image resizing. Offer public or private file downloads. Easily insert images in articles, or play video and audio files from your site.

The FILEman user interface is built with AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3 technologies making for a much more responsive user experience. You can easily drag and drop files for upload with no page reload necessary.

Key Features

  • Image Gallery. Simply put all your images in a folder and create a menu item for it to get an instant image gallery.
  • File Listing. Easily create a list of downloadable files on your site. Create a menu item and select the folder and/or subfolders you want to list. That's all.
  • Drag and drop. Drop multiple files right from your desktop into the uploader in both frontend and administrator. Fast and simple.
  • Easy File Linking. Easily insert links to files into articles using the FILElink editor plugin, you can even insert links to folders and menu items.
  • Thumbnail Support. Generates thumbnails for every image, cache them and loading them all at once. Saves bandwidth and computing power.
  • Internationalized. Full support for international filenames and folder names running on Joomla. Your files can now be named in your own language without any worries.
  • Remote File Uploads. Upload files directly from a URL. Instant file size validation ensures you never upload files that are to big.
  • Google Analytics. Keep track of file downloads and image views with our build-in support for Google Analytics.
  • File Submissions. Use FILEman to setup a file dropbox from the frontend of your site.
  • Joomla ACL support. Full support for the Joomla ACL. Easily manage who can access FILEman and who can upload and delete files.

FILEman has everything packed to allow you to easily manage files for your site.

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