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PWT ACL - formally known as ACL Manager - makes Joomla ACL easy to understand and manage. It provides a great overview of all Joomla ACL settings and will detect & fix issues with the Joomla assets table easily.

Easily understand and manage Joomla ACL

Dozens of permission screens, nested groups, inherited permissions... The Joomla ACL system can be very confusing. By using PWT ACL you will quickly understand the concept and power of the permissions management in Joomla. It prevents you making mistakes and guide you to set up Joomla ACL permissions quickly.

Joomla user permission overview

Users assigned to several groups could become confusing in Joomla. The permissions are combined and settings are being overruled. No issue for PWT ACL! Open the user in PWT ACL and see exactly what actions are allowed and what actions are denied to the user on the site.

Diagnostics tool to fix asset table issues

PWT ACL comes with a powerful diagnostics tool that is able to detect and fix any issue related to the Joomla assets database tables. Issues are often caused by migrations and 3rd party extensions, resulting in conflicts and slower websites. The PWT ACL diagnostics will fix and rebuild the assets database table for you and any table that has relations with the assets table.

ACL support for any component

With PWT ACL you can set basic ACL permissions for any component. Even for 3rd party components that don't support Joomla ACL by default. This allows you to set custom backend access to components for your users.

On top of the Joomla core

PWT ACL does not use its own database tables. The entire extension is designed on top of the Joomla core and uses the core permissions system. So even if you remove PWT ACL your permission setup will remain in place.

Clear, revert, copy, import and export permissions

We provided several useful tools for you when configuring permissions for groups. Clear all permissions to start over or revert them to the default Joomla permissions. Copy permissions between groups and even export and import permissions between several Joomla sites. No need to set up the same permissions over and over again!

Wizard to set up group permissions

Use the PWT ACL wizard to quickly setup limited access for groups in the backend. Want to allow access to one or a few backend components? Use the wizard and configure the permissions within seconds for new or existing groups.

Show only the editable items

By default your users will be able to see for instance in the Joomla backend overview, but the can't click on the title to edit. With the enhanced ACL settings of PWT ACL, you can remove all items that a user can't edit from the list views for Articles, Contact and Modules. A user will only see the items they can edit.

CLI support for fixing asset issues

If you prefer to automate fixing the asset issues and rebuilding the assets table on a regular basis you can set up cronjobs. PWT ACL has two CLI scripts available, one for fixing asset issues and one for rebuilding the assets database table.

Available in 28 languages

ACLManager is available in Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Ukrainian.

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2 years ago
The PWT ACL 4.0.0 was attempted as install on Joomla 3.10.1 with an PWT ACL version 3.5.5 already active.
The install was NOT succesful.
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2 years ago
The PWT ACL 4.0.0 was attempted as install on Joomla 3.10.1 with an PWT ACL version 3.5.5 already active.
The install was NOT succesful.

Oopsss, disregard above comment...
Apparently the first zip needed to be unzipped first
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