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Facebook Login simplifies your joomla registration and login process, includes Social share, fanbox, comments and more.

Extension allowing the Facebook users to easily sign up and login for your website with their Facebook login credentials

Extension integration enables you to customize fields that are published on the user’s wall. Extension have Fully editable login module. Extension allows you to make site fully Social with fb Login and other fb social plugins also post on user's wall which Login with Facebook Login on your joomla site.

We provide extension with easy, user-friendly back-end interface.we have useful documentation (e.g. getting your Facebook Application ID/ Application secret, installation etc.).

Users can login in your joomla site using Facebook Login, on login post on their walls. Users can also see their profile pic after login.

Admin Interface

  1. Setting Overview tab:
    Shows your Facebook app info(API key and secret) and insights.
  2. Setting configuration tab:
    Configuration tab includes Facebook API key, API secret, API connection handler, k2 group id for user. redirect to user after login. import fb user profile data in jcommunities k2,jomsocial, kunena, cb(fb username, profile pic, dob, id, hometown, email, educations, gender and more required profile data)
  3. Connected users tab:
    Users tab shows all users list who's login with fb image and also Facebook profile link.

Full customizable module:- login options, login redirect,layout,option to show Facebook login button top/bottom, show log out button, show name/username, show form with fb button ,link returning user with fb account (using verified email) and more.

Extension Features:

  • Facebook Login
  • post on user's wall
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook Follow Button
  • Facebook Page Plugin
  • Facebook Embedded Posts
  • Social share (Facebook, Google, Twitter and more)
  • Rich profile data
  • User image
  • choose redirect after login with Facebook login
  • Customizable login module
  • Compatible with jcommunities. k2, jom social, kunena, community builder
  • and more social features...

This social extension also provide easy manageable configuration settings in back-end and also for front end. give a click to install and make your site complete social with Facebook social login and more social plugins and remove hassle of login and register forms.

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Only registered and logged in users can download this file.

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