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Adding a Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn social login and registration to your Joomla site has never been so easy thanks to Instant Facebook Login
It's the easiest and cheapest extension to add the ability to perform a social login and register using social accounts!
Moreover Instant FBLogin includes a bunch of amazing social features to share contents, embed social comments, social posts feed, Facebook Messenger chat, metatags and more!

Using Instant FBLogin you won't lose anymore users that left your site annoyed by creating a new account to register by scratch.
Integrating this extension will be possible login into your Joomla! system using FB, Google, Twitter orLinkedIn credentials just in one click.

Now create a Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn app and manage ID and secret code for authentication doesn't scare anymore, now an easy step-by-step video tutorial is available even for non-experts to accomplish this in few minutes.

The main features of this extension are:

  • Facebook Login(Requires https)
  • Google Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Linkedin Login
  • Easy and instant setup for Facebook login, Google login ,Twitter and LinkedIn login
  • Social Login and auto-register in few seconds
  • Social share for contents
  • Open Graph Metatags management
  • Twitter Card Metatags management
  • Facebook Messenger live chat module(Requires https)
  • Social share auto posting to Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn when saving new articles
  • Social comments module for Facebook to add comments to every page of your website
  • Social posts module to show latest feeds and post from FB, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Advanced configuration and customization for the social login module
  • Social templates
  • Module templates
  • Modal lightbox window for the social login module
  • Integration with social extensions such as Jomsocial, Easysocial, etc
  • Avatar support to fetch Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn avatar for users
  • Users list for all newly added users using social login
  • Detailed info for social users
  • Export social users list in CSV format
  • Geolocation for users
  • Stats for social added and Joomla added users
  • Rendering in custom position using Joomla module
  • Extremely lightweight and high performance asyncronous script
  • Best support and video tutorial to configure easily your Joomla! site

Easiest setup: the easiest setup among all Joomla! extensions to add a social login to your site and a video tutorial to setup your FB/Google/Twitter/LinkedIn app

Facebook chat: thanks to the Facebook Messenger customer chat integration you have a simple way to allow people to chat with businesses on your website and in Messenger

Templates: multiple templates to customize the look and feel of your login module and social button, both for FB, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn login button

Users list: a detailed users list for all social added users, to export records and keep track of social users info

Share contents of your site to all main social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. This increase also visibility of your site, ensuring that visitors of your website will be able to share your contents.

Metatags, Open Graph and Twitter Card: most content is shared to social networks as a URL, so it's important that you mark up your website with Open Graph tags to take control over how your content appears on socials.

Social share auto posting to post and share immediately any new article to socials as soon as it's created in the Joomla backend.

Facebook Comments Module to manage users comments on each page of your website.

Social Posts Module to include social posts displayed as a feed of recent posts and activites from your social network account.

Social integration: already integrated with your social platform such as JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder and Kunena

Stop getting lost in the midst of a lot of complex features!
This is the challenge of Instant FBLogin, being an immediate and easy tool for everyone also if not expert to manage a social app easily and to add social login and share capability.

NOTICE: as stated by Facebook policy updates for privacy and security reasons the https protocol on your website is required in order to perform Facebook login since August 1, 2018. If your website is still not upgraded to the HTTPS protocol, it's strongly recommended that you update your pages to work over HTTPS as soon as possible in order to maintain the compatibility with the Facebook Login feature.

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Only registered and logged in users can download this file.


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